If You Want To Go Far, Go Together

By | June 2nd, 1998|TL-History|

If You Want To Go Far, Go Together With only 10 team members and growing sales, the family business is becoming more than Roddy and [...]

A Unique After School Program

By | May 2nd, 1996|TL-History|

A Unique After School Program Danny McKinney, age 16, begins working part-time for the family business after school and on the weekends. He completes ride-alongs [...]

Branching Out

By | March 27th, 1995|TL-History|

Branching Out SUI launches an office in Andalusia, Alabama, making it the first company facility outside of the McKinney family home. The branch office starts [...]

Humble Beginnings

By | January 27th, 1995|TL-History|

Humble Beginnings Operations are handled from the basement of Roddy and Janice’s home in Birmingham, Alabama. Roddy spends the weekends making sales at area flea [...]

And Then There Were Two

By | June 27th, 1994|TL-History|

And Then There Were Two Facing the common hardships associated with starting a small business, the McKinneys’ two business partners opt to withdraw from the [...]

New Business Venture

By | January 27th, 1994|TL-History|

A New Business Venture Roddy McKinney is approached by two businessmen to become involved in the satellite television business. Roddy agrees to make an investment [...]

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