SUI held its 4th annual Oscars event and awards ceremony on February 20th at Ross Bridge Resort in Birmingham in recognition of top performers in 2015. Retail Sales Manager John Pamphilis served as the emcee for the evening, and leaders throughout the company presented awards to top performers of SUI. Our Lead Dog Award winners for the night included:

Top Performance | Calibrated Trainer

  • Antwon Dickens

Supporting Field Operations

  • Phyllis Keener

Top Performance | Sales Agent

  • Pamela Pickett

Top Performance | SHS Sales

  • Justin Shipes
  • Michael Hill
  • Brandon McClellan
  • Frederick Tankersley
  • Kyle Nelson

Top Performance | Retail Sales

  • Pamela Pickett
  • Nolan Bailey
  • Immesha Ross
  • Jacqueline Walker
  • Michael Waege

Top Performance | Technician

  • Antwon Dickens
  • David Wullimann
  • James Beck
  • Kevin Parker
  • Richard Schiavo
  • Marco Brito
  • Nicholas McGlathery
  • Jason Browning
  • Kyle Nelson
  • Kevin Chaffins
  • Donavan Smith
  • Jason Masonbrink
  • Wayne Tate
  • Keith Nelson
  • Ryan Hood
  • Justin Shipes
  • Travis Johnson
  • Kendall Tipton
  • Nolan Bailey
  • Matthew Kennedy

Office of the Year

  • Montgomery Office

Team Safety

  • Tupelo Office

Safety Wall of Honor

  • Morris Nelson
  • Jason Bishop

Roddy L. McKinney Lead Dog Award

  • Antwon Dickens

Congratulations to all of our award winners! We appreciate your contributions and thank you for your commitment to living SUI’s values.