At SUI, we are committed to our people machine, and we’d like to celebrate that commitment by sharing the success story of one of our own, Greg Maddox (Northeast Regional Manager).

“Greg Maddox joined the SUI family back in 2000 as a Satellite Technician,” said Janice McKinney (SUI Founder). “He can tell you that we’ve come a long way since the days when you had to purchase your own tools and equipment and provide your own vehicle. He learned things the hard way.”

“Greg completed the very first dishNET residential and commercial installs for DISH,” said Roddy McKinney (SUI Founder). “Anytime DISH needed work done in the South, they wanted Greg to do it. That tells you a lot about how great his work is and how dependable and trustworthy he is.”

“I remember the first two dishNET installs I completed,” Greg stated. “One was residential for a customer in Jackson, MS, and the other was at a big event DISH was hosting at Cowboy Mahoney’s. I had already moved into Training at that point and doing those first installations was a great experience.”

Greg quickly rose through the ranks at SUI thanks to his dedication, ambition, and attention to detail. He has taken on a number of roles throughout his longstanding career with SUI, including FSM, Corporate Trainer, Manager of Technician Development, Safety Manager, General Manager, and most recently Regional Manager.

“Greg always took it upon himself to learn and grow,” Janice said. “He would go online to learn more about the industry to keep SUI ahead of the curve. He always stepped up to the plate, he understood the business, and he grew to be an excellent trainer, manager, and leader.”

While our stated priorities of Safety, Values, and Lead Dog Performance are an inherent part of our culture today, they came about organically thanks to the actions and character of team members like Greg.

According to Roddy, “Greg enjoys helping others and seeing others succeed. He builds others up and he’s earned all the success that has come his way. Some people seek titles, but Greg always sought answers and how to do things the right way. That’s how you build a career. That’s how you turn this into a profession.”

Thank you to Greg for sixteen years of shared success. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.