Our CEO, Danny McKinney, took time to address potential candidates and current and former employees on Glassdoor. We are proud to share the following open letter with you. For more information, please visit our Glassdoor profile.

Maybe you’re in the midst of a job search and researching SUI, or maybe you’re a current employee familiarizing yourself with Glassdoor. Either way, you’re likely here to learn more about who we are. As you scroll through our profile, you’ll notice some mixed reviews, especially from early to mid 2015.

Back in January, SUI leadership made some difficult decisions around compensation for both field and corporate staff in order to stay competitive and aligned with the ever-changing demands of our industry. We made the decision to announce compensation changes months in advance to allow ample time for our employees to understand and prepare for success under the new compensation model. Since those changes took effect in April, sales have played an increasingly important role for our technicians. To help our team leverage their sales skills and fully maximize their earning potential under the new compensation model, we offered hands-on training designed specifically for our technicians. Earning potential has remained strong, but the roadmap to success is different. We believe in a culture of constant learning, where mistakes are learning opportunities and progress is rewarded daily.

That being said, we simply got some things wrong. We realized that by listening to the valuable feedback we’ve received on Glassdoor and in person from current and former employees over the past few months. Because of this feedback, we’ve made some adjustments. These adjustments include making bonus thresholds more attainable, additional unit pay for Smart Home Services sales, and increased sales referral bonuses for employees. In addition to these adjustments, we’ve created a company-wide Safety Initiative aimed at getting all of our employees home in the same shape they showed up for work in that day. This is our number one priority.

One of SUI’s core values is that “We are adaptable.” Our industry is ever-changing. Our company has to adapt to those changes, as do our employees. We realize that change is hard, and we appreciate everyone who has stuck with us through these months of evolution. We’re glad that we’ve seen a boost in morale since implementing the adjustments outlined above. And happily, we’ve even had a few employees come back to us.

We are still committed to our people machine, and we believe in rewarding the doers. Our technicians are the backbone of the company. Despite the many demanding aspects of their jobs, they execute to meet our customers’ expectations, and we compensate them accordingly. We equip each team member with the training, resources, and freedom to achieve personal and professional success. We present them with opportunities to engage in challenging and rewarding careers while providing for their families. Our average compensation is equivalent to $18 an hour with our top performers earning over $30 an hour. We provide excellent benefits, room for advancement, and leadership development training making our total compensation package among the best in the industry. Our people are what made us what we are today and will be the foundation for what will make us successful in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to understand a little more about our great company. If you’re interested in applying, get in touch with our recruiting team through our website. They’d love to hear from you.

Be safe,

Danny McKinney